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About Us

See this special video about our program, produced by KVIE.

Our Mission

The Cabrillo High School Aquarium promotes cross-curricular, hands-on education and strives to emphasize its message of global marine awareness throughout the international community. We are a student-run facility, and our program prepares students to go out into the world in their chosen careers.

Our Story

The Cabrillo High School Aquarium began as a school club based in a classroom with just a few tanks.
This original partnership between students and teacher soon blossomed into hundreds of students, teachers, school district staff, and members of the business community - locally and nationally.
Through hosting thousands of visitors, our students are introduced to many experts in business and marine science, making relationships that can impact their future. Being a non-profit, we rely on donations and grants. That money goes to new or upgraded exhibits, tools, and field trips for our student curators. Students are also able receive scholarships to continue their studies in marine science and environmental fields. Each student who is involved in this program has an opportunity to apply their textbook knowledge in a practical way. This is why so many have donated their time and energy to this unique, award-winning facility.

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