Open House Dates

During the school year, the Aquarium is open to the public roughly once every month! Admission is free, and each event features a unique theme.

In accordance with COVID-19 precautions, masks are required in the facility. Also, to help accommodate the facility's reduced capacity, we are requesting that families with last names starting A-L arrive as close to 6pm as possible, while families with last names M-Z arrive closer to 6:30pm, if possible.

Open Sign

"Grand Re-Opening!"

September 29, 2021
6 - 8 pm

We are so excited to re-open our facility to the public! This event will feature the public debut of the Aquarium's new Interactive Tidepool Exhibit.


October 27, 2021
6 - 8 pm

This popular annual theme highlights the sharks in our facility and other species in the wild. Be sure to view one of the live feeding demonstrations!

Twinkly Lights

"SEAsons Greetings!"

December 1, 2021
6 - 8 pm

The Aquarium is getting decorated for the holidays! The event will also feature colorful animals, like our vibrant corals.


"Into the Deep"

February 16, 2022

6 - 8 pm

This event features a wide variety of activities and information all about the fascinating animals that live in the deep sea and how scientists study them.

Pod of Whales

"Marine Mammal Madness"

March 16, 2022

6 - 8 pm

This special Open House is all about marine mammals! Come see how animals that are a lot like us are able to live their life in the sea.

"Celebrating Earth Day"

April 13, 2022

6 - 8 pm

Celebrate Earth Day at the Aquarium! Special activities will highlight the ways that everyone can help make our home a better place for all living things.

Student Projects

May 18, 2022

6 - 7:30 pm

Our Aquarium students work hard and prepare all year for their unique projects! The Aquarium will be open for this school wide open house!