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Open House Dates

During the school year, the Aquarium is open to the public roughly once every month! Admission is free, and each event features a unique theme.

See below for our dates for the 2023-2024 school year!


"Welcome Back!"

September 27, 2023
6 - 8 pm

Come back to the Aquarium during our first Open House of the school year! Also get a sneak peek at some of the BIG additions coming this year.



October 25, 2023
6 - 8 pm

This popular annual theme highlights the sharks in our facility and other species in the wild. Be sure to view one of the live feeding demonstrations!


"SEAsons Greetings!"

December 6, 2023
6 - 8 pm

This fun new tradition features holiday decorations all over the facility!


"Marine Mammals!"

February 21, 2024

6 - 8 pm

This unique Open House is all about marine life that has a lot in common with you and me!


"Student Projects"

March 13, 2024

6 - 8 pm

Our Aquarium students work hard and prepare all year for their unique projects! The Aquarium will be open for this school wide open house!

"Celebrating Earth Day"

April 17, 2024

6 - 8 pm

Celebrate Earth Day at the Aquarium! Special activities will highlight the ways that everyone can help make our home a better place for all living things.

Sea Bay

"Welcome to the Wetlands!"

May 15, 2024

6 - 8 pm

We're finishing the year strong with the Grand Opening of our largest habitat ever - the Cal Coastal Wetlands Exhibit!

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