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Signing Off

Dear Readers, Visitors, and Students,

The Cabrillo High School Aquarium has been an inspirational experience and creating this website and blog has been a way to show my appreciation and give back. I won't forget the lessons I've learned, and looking forward, I plan to carry that knowledge with me to the University of Hawaii - Hilo majoring in Marine Science. A major I'm positive I wouldn't have found a passion for without this program. I want to thank you all for supporting the program I love so much. I am proud to say I am naming Avery McBride and Hannah Caro as my successors to take on this project.

Thank you,

Signing off,

Hannah Louise Kiblinger

Head of Public Relations

(Left) Loren Marin, Nutritionist (middle) Alex Perez, Nutritionist (right) Hannah Kiblinger, Head of PR Annual curator trip to Catalina Island's CIMI

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